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Late Night Thoughts (Pt.2)…

An Open Letter to You:

Oh, sweetie.

You almost had me. Almost.

For a quick moment, it almost felt like old times again. But…

What is done in that late, private, dark night…

The things you do on one end…

While on the other you whisper sweet nothings in my ear…

Rest assured that at some point in time the sun will spill the brightest of light on you.

Expose you.

And it did.

The dark of a moonless night betrayed you and exposed you down to the messy, ugly middle.

The middle I needed to see…needed.

They say the universe sends you signs.

I thank the universe for that fucking U-Turn it dropped in my face.

Oh, sweetie…you almost had me.


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Late Night Thoughts (Pt. 1)…


I watched the movie, Inside Out, tonight. I watched it when I should have been writing.

And I am fine with that. I was fine with that when I made the decision to watch it, and I am definitely fine with that decision after watching it.

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Shut up…and also, congrats…

Been a shitty week.

And today I read in a forum:

“I have 5 kids, 2 dogs, 3 husbands, 7 jobs, AND a cat…and I still find time to write. So, just do it.”

Shut up.

*I may have exaggerated on those numbers a little, but still…shut up.

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