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I really didn’t want to like this Zayn Malik song. But it’s so goddamned good. Damn you, Zayn.

Like, straight to hell.

Be in the bed all day, bed all day, bed all day.

Fucking you, and fighting on.

It’s our paradise and it’s our war zone.

-Pillow Talk



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she had dynamite in her veins

also cheap wine

popped pills

and magic.

lust.love.   she craved the sun

she resented the rain.

sadness lived in her eyes

hope visited her heart.

thoughts started at the end

and the middle.

she never trusted the start

they had a way with never sticking.

conversations in her head lasted longer than in person

the dialogue always constant



they followed her into her dreams

covered with warmth

armed with the pills

the magic pills.

the wine carried them fine

to her fingers

to her toes

the fuse started at the beginning

her thought followed suit


the explosion came

the magic in her veins

she thanked the sun

the stars

the rain.

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The Ex-Factor…

I often wonder about what triggers someone to think of someone else so strongly, they have to reach out to them.

I’m not talking about a mother calling a daughter for an afternoon chat, or a friend confirming plans for later in the week. I’m not even talking about people that remember that long lost study buddy from 8th grade. That is normal. In today’s society, it is damn near expected.

I am questioning what triggers an ex to reach out and contact someone they were once in a relationship with.

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Halsey…bitch…you better work my life.

Inspiring me to write all damn night.


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Ready Now…

Right now, I am listening to one of my happy songs. “I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” always makes me smile and feel a little jig in my bones when I hear it.

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Ahh…the holiday

Been a minute since I have posted on here, lol. Any followers left?


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Late Night Thoughts (Pt.2)…

An Open Letter to You:

Oh, sweetie.

You almost had me. Almost.

For a quick moment, it almost felt like old times again. But…

What is done in that late, private, dark night…

The things you do on one end…

While on the other you whisper sweet nothings in my ear…

Rest assured that at some point in time the sun will spill the brightest of light on you.

Expose you.

And it did.

The dark of a moonless night betrayed you and exposed you down to the messy, ugly middle.

The middle I needed to see…needed.

They say the universe sends you signs.

I thank the universe for that fucking U-Turn it dropped in my face.

Oh, sweetie…you almost had me.


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Late Night Thoughts (Pt. 1)…


I watched the movie, Inside Out, tonight. I watched it when I should have been writing.

And I am fine with that. I was fine with that when I made the decision to watch it, and I am definitely fine with that decision after watching it.

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We’re all mad here…


I’m doing it.

I don’t have any advice or cool little rituals (yet!) because this is my first time participating.

I have been prepping though. I looked through some of the forums and found some good advice on how to prep for such an intense month.

The outline for the rewrite of my finished first draft is complete and chopped by chapters and scenes in Scrivener. The last thing I really have to do is put together some new playlists, and I think I am set.

I will spend the rest of the month checking over and tweaking my outline since a few new ideas popped in my head recently.

But all in all, I’m ready.

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What has one pen, one notebook, a cup of coffee, and wants to stab themselves in the eye? Me.

Not really though. Maybe a little. But then I think it would be hard to see and type and write. Besides, my left eye is a little blurry and my right eye is itchy from allergies, but they work very well in a pair. So, no, I will not be stabbing my eye-any eye- out.

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