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Writing Inspiration…


i’ve got a cavern of secrets
none of them are for you
even if you wanted to keep them
where would you find the room


i saw myself tonight
saw my reflection in the mirror
my hands and heart were tied
but i was scared of almost nothing at all


warm blood feels good, i can’t control it anymore
sweet one, you should stop me there but i keep on talking

warm blood – carly rae jepsen

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The Circle of Life…

I didn’t realize that a few hours after I wrote my last post I would be sharing in the heartbreak of losing a family member.

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Ready Now…

Right now, I am listening to one of my happy songs. “I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” always makes me smile and feel a little jig in my bones when I hear it.

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Ahh…the holiday

Been a minute since I have posted on here, lol. Any followers left?


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Shut up…and also, congrats…

Been a shitty week.

And today I read in a forum:

“I have 5 kids, 2 dogs, 3 husbands, 7 jobs, AND a cat…and I still find time to write. So, just do it.”

Shut up.

*I may have exaggerated on those numbers a little, but still…shut up.

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The Itchy Nose Chronicles…

“Whew, this is the longest I’ve gone without posting since I started this blog,” she says, acting as if she has had her blog up for years.

Anyways, its the truth so….that’s that. I have been working on the total POV switch and rewrite of my novel, plus life gets in the way. And by life I mean that something has caused my allergies to jump to Level Red in the “I hate you and I want to ruin your life” meter. The past few days have been nothing…NOTHING…but itchy eyes and a very, very, itchy nose. I can’t describe how itchy my nose has been, but I will say that there has been more than one time that I contemplated stabbing myself in the nose just to feel something other than itchiness. It isn’t just the tip of my nose. It is the WHOLE DAMNED THING; inside and out. So now I get to sit in a place and weigh the options of my nose itching so bad I am at the point of tears or looking like a non-classy bitch (because I am super classy, hmph) and scratch the inside of my nose with my fingernail. Sigh, first world struggles man.

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