Insert A Love Song Here…

Hey! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. As if you couldn’t tell from the commercials on television exclaiming that it is “engagement season,” to the aisles draped in shades of red and pink in the stores.


Ahh…the season of love.

Although I have never had a proper “valentine,” I love the season. I don’t care that it is “commercialized” and that “every day should be a day you show the people you love that you care.” Everything is commercialized these days, and if people have to be told that their loved ones deserve to be loved every day of the year, then maybe they don’t need loved ones. How about that, hm?

I love romance and big romantic gestures. I love the whole getting a big bouquet of roses at work thing, the surprise romantic dinner with tons of other couples at some fancy restaurant, or even a home cooked dinner alone. Well, I love the thought of it. For some reason, even if I am not single during the rest of the year, I always seem to be single on Valentine’s Day. That’s fine, because my favorite part is…

The candy.


I am not a big chocolate fan. I would rather have fruity type candies (except lemon, orange, or lime…gross) to a chocolate bar any day. But, the weeks surrounding Valentine’s Day, I always crave some good sickly sweet chocolate.

I love the chocolate covered cherries and the heart shaped peanut butter cups. I love the little heart shaped boxes of chocolate that you just have to pop in your mouth and bite down on to know what is on the inside.

During Valentine’s season, I am a chocoholic, and I am perfectly fine with it.

I also love the stuffed animals. I don’t get any, I just really love looking at them. I think the red bears and the pink bears are adorable. I had contemplated getting a really cute one I saw this year, but that’s weird, I guess.


The best part about Valentine’s Day this year, though, is the fact that The Walking Dead finally comes back. FINALLY. I feel like I have been waiting a whole year for this.

So, while all my friends on Facebook are posting special pictures of the things their “boo” got them for Valentine’s Day, or tagging their location to Red Lobster and Joe’s Crab Shack…I will be enjoying watching my favorite show and guessing what will be in the middle of the chocolate I just stuffed in my face.



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