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A Reminder…

Halloween is right around the corner.

BOOM! Is your mind blown with information you didn’t know before? No? Okay…anyways…

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Barney, You Scary As Fuck

Not Behind You

EDITOR’S NOTE: All this week we’re featuring some of our most terrifying stories. First up, Christine!

About ten years ago, on an otherwise normal evening, Barney the dinosaur talked to me.

No, I am not crazy.

I mean, I am crazy. But there are two types of crazy.

There’s the Martin, “Girl, you so crazy,” type of crazy and then there’s the crazy where you microwave bunny rabbits. I am not the latter.

At the age of 25, I was six years into a career of childhood education. I started as a job in high school and it continued from there. Being the resident child expert of my friends, I was the one to go to when you needed advice or help.

Because of my “expertise” and willingness to help, Barney the dinosaur spoke to me.

Here’s how it happened:

A good friend of mine, Sally*, was babysitting her…

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We’re all mad here…


I’m doing it.

I don’t have any advice or cool little rituals (yet!) because this is my first time participating.

I have been prepping though. I looked through some of the forums and found some good advice on how to prep for such an intense month.

The outline for the rewrite of my finished first draft is complete and chopped by chapters and scenes in Scrivener. The last thing I really have to do is put together some new playlists, and I think I am set.

I will spend the rest of the month checking over and tweaking my outline since a few new ideas popped in my head recently.

But all in all, I’m ready.

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So then Biden strolls on stage riding a segway…

At least that’s what should have happened during the Democratic Debate on CNN last night.

Unfortunately it was a just a passing dream that never came to fruition…kind of like my owning a white pony so I could make it wear a horn head band and my owning of a private island.

I am no stranger to disappointment.

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My Letter to Bob

Not Behind You

[Editor’s Note: Welcome back Christine!]

When I’m bored, I like to look through old essays I have saved on my computer.

I like to revisit these files and see the state of mind I was in when writing. Was I feeling sad? Was I happy? Was that time in my life an exciting one?

During one of my recent moments of file revisiting, I came across one that made me pause.

Lettertobob.doc stared me in the face, and I honestly could not remember what it said. I knew exactly who the letter was written to; but what did I say? Normally, when I see the name of a file, I am easily able to remember what it is and then I can choose to open it and read it…or not.

I drew a blank.

I sat for a few moments, nervous. I could hear dramatic soap opera music playing…

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Please add a spot for the dinosaurs on your ark, Noah. Thanks.


I am not the most religious person out there. I am spiritual but many a moon ago, I pushed organized religion out the door.

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