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Insert A Love Song Here…

Hey! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. As if you couldn’t tell from the commercials on television exclaiming that it is “engagement season,” to the aisles draped in shades of red and pink in the stores.


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The Art of Letting Go…

It is kind of sad to think about how good I am at it…the letting go.

It’s not easy. Not at all.

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The Ex-Factor…

I often wonder about what triggers someone to think of someone else so strongly, they have to reach out to them.

I’m not talking about a mother calling a daughter for an afternoon chat, or a friend confirming plans for later in the week. I’m not even talking about people that remember that long lost study buddy from 8th grade. That is normal. In today’s society, it is damn near expected.

I am questioning what triggers an ex to reach out and contact someone they were once in a relationship with.

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Lists, Love, and Shonda Rhimes…sorta…

I think I need to revise my internal list of standards when it comes to a significant other.

I never really had an actual list, per say. It has always just been a mental checklist I quickly run through my head when talking to someone I potentially will want to talk to more than once and on an intimate level.

Likes dogs? Check.

Knows the proper use of you’re and your? Check and check.

Understands my need for personal space on Thursday nights during my ShondaLand shows? Check. An exception can be made if potential significant other also watches and enjoys ShondaLand shows as intensely as I do.

Every Thursday, I allow myself to be personally victimized by Shonda Rhimes. And I love it.

Of course, those are just a few things on my mental checklist. I mean, we all have standards so I don’t believe that it makes me out to be too much of a bitch because I have certain wants in a person.

If a person can refuse to date someone because they are bigger than a size 2, then I can refuse to date someone because they talk during The Walking Dead. 

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I should be alone…

Isn’t it unfair
That I should be alone, waiting for you
I stay alone, I stay alone
I should be alone, waiting for you
I stay alone, I stay alone

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