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Forgotten Notebook II…

the days danced into nights

long quiet nights

silence, when the only

thing I wanted to hear was you.




but so were you.


this wasn’t a game started with one

we both play our part

you give me your words

i give you my heart

You make fantasy

i make promises

you sing

your song

and I sway to the music

it always sounded better in my head.


the force pulled together

much easier

than the slow drift apart

i grasp,

you miss


you let go,

only catching when you want me

when you need me

when you need

the comfort

i’m an expert at the comfort

i’m an expert at you.


i never give up

i give in

i give in to my need

my need of needing








but so were you.



you claimed you would be a light

but only when you wanted to be

you selfishly held my hand

not for me,

for you

and the reckless way you threw

your love around

my love away


something happened


i wanted

but didn’t need


i didn’t want, need, love, or even like


something happened.


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she had dynamite in her veins

also cheap wine

popped pills

and magic.

lust.love.   she craved the sun

she resented the rain.

sadness lived in her eyes

hope visited her heart.

thoughts started at the end

and the middle.

she never trusted the start

they had a way with never sticking.

conversations in her head lasted longer than in person

the dialogue always constant



they followed her into her dreams

covered with warmth

armed with the pills

the magic pills.

the wine carried them fine

to her fingers

to her toes

the fuse started at the beginning

her thought followed suit


the explosion came

the magic in her veins

she thanked the sun

the stars

the rain.

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Inspirations III

now she claiming that I bruise her esophagus
head of the class and she just want a swallowship


all I see is these fake fucks with no fangs
tryna draw blood from my ice cold veins


pink wig.

thick ass.

give em whiplash.

monster by kanye west

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Reaching Peak Fangirl…

It’s hard to type this without the resulting text being something like:

ao[dbf[o0uiw'[ojnl’knel’rfn]p sopdigbipoul;jtnb’pionpfnknsdfkl;nbl;sknbl;n’psnfpsdlfknlskndfkdfml;skdmf;kmdlkfnlbnlfldkf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here’s why:

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet…do it, because I need to talk about it.

I’ll wait.

Done? Okay, whew.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first.

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Inspirations II…

|| Came to you with a broken faith
Gave me more than a hand to hold ||


|| You say space will make it better
And time will make it heal
I won’t be lost forever
And soon I wouldn’t feel ||

take me home by jess glynne

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Unedited warm-up, again. 🙂

Her sadness is what attracted him at first.

“Let me make you smile,” he would say. She would roll her eyes at him, blushing at his forwardness. She was blue, a seemingly broken girl that silently took in the weight of the world; both hers and everyone else’s. He saw it in her eyes. Her exhausted, loving eyes.

He wanted to save her from her troubles. He wanted to hold her close to him and keep her safe in his world- his bright red world. His passion filled, and happy world. When she would give him the chance, he wanted to show her what joy was. He yearned to hear her laugh and tried to kiss a light into her eyes.

He was a King, versed in the language of hope and ambition. And she- she was the whisper of strife and heartbreak. He had the hope of a million men when he saw the light touch her darkness.

When they came together, when she finally gave in and trusted him with everything she kept from the world, they painted the sky lavender with their love.

She walked taller. She danced longer. She was a mixed breed of dark and light, sun and stars. Her nights were filled with dreams she had long forgotten, the nightmares having stopped the moment he existed.

Until the day he decided that purple no longer suited him.

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Warm Up…

It’s cold outside. I don’t like cold. The sunshine is very tricky in making me think that it is a warm day, but it’s not. The sunshine is a fucking liar.

Today seems like a decent day for writing. I need to get some writing done. But I always feel like I just need to find the perfect moment to start. I’m tired of waiting for perfect moments. I decided to make my own. So, I need to warm up some.

I hope you guys don’t mind a little free writing. Unedited. Just words in my head to help start my day.


She wrapped her legs lazily around his torso. His body was slicked with sweat, making it easy for her to glide her toes up and down the small of his back. She sighed when his teeth grazed across her collar bone. He had to leave soon. He always left her.

“Please?” she pleaded into his hair. He had a whole other life outside of her. This was never a secret between them. It didn’t make it any less difficult to let him go. She lifted his face to hers and searched his eyes. She wanted him to see how much it hurt to let him go.

A quick, sad grin, and he kissed her lips lightly. “You scare me,” he said, pulling back from her to push the hair from her forehead.

“Good. You should be scared,” she answered and slipped from under his body. The thin sheet gathered around her while she stole it from the bed, leaving his body naked and exposed.


He sounded amused. The smile she knew she would find on his face if she turned around irritated her. She kept her back to him.

“Why should I be scared?”

She flipped the bathroom light on and studied her face in the mirror. Swollen lips from the millions of hungry kisses. Her neck was marked with tiny bruises, his way of claiming her. She let her fingers trace each one quickly before pressing her fingertips to her lips. The memories from moments before sending heat to her core.

“You said it, I just agreed,” she watched herself say. Her eyes were smudged with the eyeliner she had worked so hard on making perfect for him. He loved the detail she put into herself for him. He held her face at every meeting and told her how beautiful she was, and how happy she was his. He traced every line of her face – of her body – with his fingers. She felt like a prized possession in his hands.

He was not quiet about his usual routine before he left. He walked around the room and gathered his belongings, making sure everything would be back in place. No detail forgotten. Wedding ring. Engraved lighter from their fifth wedding anniversary. Wallet full of family pictures. Fresh, clean shirt to match the one he wore to work earlier in the day. Next came the scent of brewing coffee. He would never kiss his wife with the scent and taste of another woman’s cum on his lips.

“It’s disrespectful,” she murmured quietly while she wiped the left over makeup from her face.

“Hm?” he said, scooting past her and into the shower. He would need to wash away every trace of her.

The sick feeling came quicker than normal. Tears stung her eyes while she fought them, but they succeeded in sliding down her cheeks. She wiped them away and sucked in a deep breath when she heard the shower stop.

A dramatic billow of steam followed him out of the bathroom. He stopped in front of her sitting on the bed, kissing her quickly before checking his body in the full length mirror. No bruises or scratches from their earlier session. That was a hard and fast rule; he could mark and claim her, but she was never to mark him. Not even when she wanted to dig her nails into him to make him stay with her forever. He wasn’t hers. He would never be hers.

She watched him closely, her heart breaking with every lift of a limb or turn of his body while he checked thoroughly. Her eyes flicked quickly to the floor when she caught him watching her watch him.

“You never told me why I should be scared of you, love,” he said, walking past her to the dresser.

“It doesn’t matter,” she forced a smile at him.


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Halsey…bitch…you better work my life.

Inspiring me to write all damn night.


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Ready Now…

Right now, I am listening to one of my happy songs. “I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” always makes me smile and feel a little jig in my bones when I hear it.

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Ahh…the holiday

Been a minute since I have posted on here, lol. Any followers left?


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