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Writing Inspiration…


i’ve got a cavern of secrets
none of them are for you
even if you wanted to keep them
where would you find the room


i saw myself tonight
saw my reflection in the mirror
my hands and heart were tied
but i was scared of almost nothing at all


warm blood feels good, i can’t control it anymore
sweet one, you should stop me there but i keep on talking

warm blood – carly rae jepsen

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Well Then, Queen…

Just gonna set this right here for ya’ll…

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My car died on Friday. A lot. Okay, maybe it didn’t die, but it was definitely in a coma that it may or may not have been able to wake up from.

I’m dramatic.

My battery died. Today, I got a new battery, and all was well with the car world.

That turned out great for me because the past two days have been unexpectedly beautiful outside. I mean, the weather says it is going to be beautiful, but everyone’s definitions are different.

Yesterday and today were absolutely gorgeous.

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The Last Letter…

DeRay McKesson is an educator, activist, and part of the planning team of Campaign Zero (a plan to end police violence). Following him on Twitter, I have realized that he is also extremely creative, loves music, and has a profound amount of patience. He often posts six word stories that will make me pause.

Today, an article of his current inspirations was posted and I was reminded of a book I read last year. It was called Tiger Lily, by Jodi Lynn Anderson. I fell in love with the book, and highlighted the last letter that Peter Pan wrote to Tiger Lily (according to this version of the story, telling Tiger Lily’s side through the eyes of Tinkerbell).

Deray had this on his list, and I was reminded again how much I loved it, so wanted to share it here.


The full article featuring DeRay McKesson: here.

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A Little More Chrisette…


Don’t regret a thing just to keep it hundred
I been the drama and the bad news
I been the struggle and the damn blues
Shed tears over silliness

Rain starts pouring and it don’t stop
Let myself drown no I will not
Smile on my pretty mug
I get right back on my horse and I giddy up
I’m in the sky and I wont drop
Have a piece of my pie no you will not
But if you feel like me and it is what it is
Then whats it gone be tonight

Tell him baby I’m a star tonight
I’m up in the sky tonight
For the world to see
I ain’t thinkin’ bout you
Baby I’ma do me tonight
Said baby I’m a star tonight
I’m up in the sky tonight
So give me one more dream
Cause I’m shining shining shining

-Chrisette Michele, I’m A Star

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Inspirations V…


i’m a wanderess


i’m a one night stand


don’t belong to no city


don’t belong to no man


i’m violence in the pouring rain


i’m a hurricane

hurricane by halsey

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Inspirations IV…

lover, won’t you take me please.

show your ass while you touch your knees.

darling, we would get along.

babe, i want to hear you moan.

and yea,

i know,

i lost my cool.

but baby how i made it through.

lord, since you came right down.

now turn around.


let’s get caught by deep cotton

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Inspirations III

now she claiming that I bruise her esophagus
head of the class and she just want a swallowship


all I see is these fake fucks with no fangs
tryna draw blood from my ice cold veins


pink wig.

thick ass.

give em whiplash.

monster by kanye west

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Inspirations II…

|| Came to you with a broken faith
Gave me more than a hand to hold ||


|| You say space will make it better
And time will make it heal
I won’t be lost forever
And soon I wouldn’t feel ||

take me home by jess glynne

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Unedited warm-up, again. 🙂

Her sadness is what attracted him at first.

“Let me make you smile,” he would say. She would roll her eyes at him, blushing at his forwardness. She was blue, a seemingly broken girl that silently took in the weight of the world; both hers and everyone else’s. He saw it in her eyes. Her exhausted, loving eyes.

He wanted to save her from her troubles. He wanted to hold her close to him and keep her safe in his world- his bright red world. His passion filled, and happy world. When she would give him the chance, he wanted to show her what joy was. He yearned to hear her laugh and tried to kiss a light into her eyes.

He was a King, versed in the language of hope and ambition. And she- she was the whisper of strife and heartbreak. He had the hope of a million men when he saw the light touch her darkness.

When they came together, when she finally gave in and trusted him with everything she kept from the world, they painted the sky lavender with their love.

She walked taller. She danced longer. She was a mixed breed of dark and light, sun and stars. Her nights were filled with dreams she had long forgotten, the nightmares having stopped the moment he existed.

Until the day he decided that purple no longer suited him.

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