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Yes, I’m from the South…No, I do not have the Confederate flag tattooed on my ass.

So a few good things happened today, which I felt compelled to share.

finally got my hands on some good sized green tomatoes. FINALLY. It’s like people only want red tomatoes and I can never find any nice sized green ones. That means that for the first time this summer, I can actually make some fried green tomatoes. The joy inside my heart is almost uncontainable. That’s not a word, but okay. But I live for a plate of fried green tomatoes with a light dusting of salt and a lot of hot sauce. You may not understand why I love them so much, but I promise you…come over and I will show you the truth and the light. Or, if it is easier…find an easy recipe and make them yourself. You. are. welcome.

My new “Olivia Pope” wine glasses finally came in. I was missing my super “classy” glasses since someone broke my last two. That someone would be me, but that is because they are really fragile and if you look at them wrong they will shatter. However, I love them, so I got more. Thanks Crate&Barrel. You the real MVP.

I find happiness in the little things. K. Bye.

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The Puppyface

Happy Thursday from Sampson aka Puppyface 

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