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Friday nights with coffee and editing…

When you end up rewriting like 12 pages by hand.

I honestly didn’t think I would ever hand write this much again. Ever. I’m super glad I remembered how to do it. Amen.

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Stormy night editing…

I hate thunder and lightning. So this was a good time to sit in the hallway (do not judge me) and get some editing done with my music on as loud as I can get it in my ears. 

Distraction has turned into productivity…and murder. Murder of those poor pages. RIP.

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I laid in bed last night and stared at my ceiling. I stared, and I thought. I asked myself over and over again what the hell was wrong with me. Why was it when I first started to write my book was I was full steam ahead, and now that it is finally all out in the open…I lost that steam. Like I have mentioned in previous posts, I am into the second draft. I am rewriting and editing things that were so blaring when I went back and read what looked like a sixth grader attempting to write their first book. Although, while I was writing this first draft, in my head the whole time I thought I was writing the next great masterpiece. After I read my words, I closed the document and asked my fingers, “What the actual fuck was that?”

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It is probably a very good thing that my whole book is typed into my computer, otherwise its fate would look something like

Only I envision each sheet of paper being lit on fire. That is how I feel right now. I open my file and I stare at it, and then i go look up videos like, “Black Eyed Peas Oprah Flashmob,” which leads me to “Watch Oprah give away 200 cars,” and then somehow I spend an hour watching videos of people being surprised with puppies while I cry into my glass of wine. Okay, I don’t actually cry. I mean, I do, but not because I’m sad. I cry when i see people cry, and everyone cries when they are surprised with a puppy.

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Friday Nights with Merlot

I hope everyone had a great week. I guess it is technically no longer Friday night, but early Saturday morning. To me it is still Friday night, and that is how it shall be.

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I need a cheerleader.

No one asks me, “Hey, that book you are writing, how is it going?”

And it’s not like I need it. Okay, I do…sort of. I mean, it would be nice if someone in the very (repeat very about twenty times) small circle of people I associate with would at least mention it sometimes. I know I should self motivate. I should wake up every morning happy and excited that not only do I have a story to tell, but I also have a computer and fingers to type that bad boy up. Yay me! The truth of the matter is, I have been working on rewriting this one chapter for two days now. And not because I don’t have the ideas in my head, but because I just have motivation, and once i do feel motivated, the words look stupid and sound stupid and are stupid, just stupid.

I guess it would be nice to have someone every once in a while take this as seriously as I am. Maybe it is because I have never expressed that I want to write a book until just in the middle of a conversation, “So, hey, I’m writing a book. Can you pass me the wine?” Maybe it is because I never finish anything, but I really want to with this. I want to and I believe I can.

My head is in the clouds, and I think it deserves to be there; at least for a little while anyway. I have one friend that when I am asked what I did today and my answer is that i tried to write, the response is, “Oh.” Another that just changes the subject to what i should do about finding a job, and let’s not even get started on my mother who i think forgets half the time what I tell her.

If someone searched my Google history, they would find it filled with searches on “what to do if my book sucks,” “I hate my book,” and “self motivation for writers.” I guess sometimes I just feel alone, and I know that is part of the process. I don’t want to be hounded on a hourly basis about my word count, or how many chapters have I written this 30 minute block of time. But maybe a mention or asking about it every once in a while would be nice, ya know?

I know, I know. If I am writing this, then I should probably be working on this chapter i can’t finish. But maybe I just needed to get this out of my head so it could stop blocking everything that wants to come out.

Anyone out there reading this have any suggestions on how you self motivate yourself when it feels like no one has your back?

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How much is too much?

When I wrote the first draft of my book, I went back and read it at the same time my beta was reading it and we both came to the same conclusion; the relationship in the middle and end of the book did not match the beginning. In other words, there was not enough of a foundation to the relationship to warrant the fact that the MC was willing to risk her life to save the other MC.

Because the female MC is very much a stranger to the male MC in the beginning, I felt there needed to be more of “here is how we got to this point” in the beginning. But how much is too much? The parts that I have totally rewritten or added I feel they are essential and they also help move the story along, but there are also some pretty mundane moments that are just everyday things that happen and not mind blowing events

I’m at almost 49K words on this revision, and I still haven’t gotten to the climax yet, and then after that is still more. So I just wonder if any of your writers out there have any advice for me.

How much story is too much story?

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