I Can Feel It Coming In The Air…



Something is coming…or at least it’s trying to.

My nose started being a little more stuffy a few days ago. That’s kind of normal for me, especially this time of year. Our weather changes so fast. One day, it is 70 degrees and the next it has dropped to a high of only 35. So my sinuses usually suffer.

This is different.

One of my biggest personal symptoms that a cold may be trying to come around is that the inside of my nostrils stay hot. That sounds weird, I know. But it’s true. When I breathe in through my nose, it is usually just a normal feeling. How does one really describe the feeling of the air that flows into your nostrils as you take a breath? Cool? Not hot? Anyways, it is usually not warm.

Except when I am getting sick.

When a cold is coming, the air I breathe in through my nose is hot, as if I have my face over some boiling water and I am breathing it in.

That’s what is happening now. It has kind of been that way for a few days, but yesterday¬†felt as if my body gave me the, “this is not a drill,” signal. My eyes hurt all day, I was worn out, my nostrils felt hot.

And then came the chills. They are still here today. Like right this moment, I am cold. Not to the touch, though. I touch my arm and it is warm. I am cold on the inside. A little bit of a chill. The house is warm, so I have no reason to really feel cold. But I do. Then, just as soon as I put on my jacket and get comfortable, I am warm again.

Today, my concentration has been on Level None. I have had to rewrite things about 20 times, and that was just an email to a friend saying hello. I stare at things and wonder what I was supposed to be doing with it. I don’t want to take my temperature because I don’t want to know if I have one…yet.

Like most people, I hate being sick. I fight it with all I have. I am in constant denial until I can’t move. I believe positive thoughts will make all the sicky stuff go away. Almost 100% of the time, I am wrong.


I sprayed the house down with Lysol today, and I was almost tempted to spray some on myself and in my mouth. You know, precautions. But I didn’t, because I know that’s bad for you and I am not completely crazy.

I have been shoving oranges down my throat since Monday, which is probably going to catch up with me soon because of all the acid. I also took some echinacea, but I don’t think I started it in time. Once again, denial is a terrible thing.

I was¬†almost tempted to put an ad on Craigslist for someone to make me some good chicken soup, because I really don’t feel like cooking. And also, it would be like someone taking care of me. Because when I am sick, I am a big baby…no matter how hard I try not to be. But I decided against the CL ad. Crazy people are everywhere, and I feel like that is just inviting the crazy to a crazy people party where crazy people shit happens. (Now I know I must not feel good, that was my first swear word on this whole post.)


I can feel it coming.

If anyone has some chicken soup and warm blankets they want to come wrap around me, I will be forever grateful.


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