My car died on Friday. A lot. Okay, maybe it didn’t die, but it was definitely in a coma that it may or may not have been able to wake up from.

I’m dramatic.

My battery died. Today, I got a new battery, and all was well with the car world.

That turned out great for me because the past two days have been unexpectedly beautiful outside. I mean, the weather says it is going to be beautiful, but everyone’s definitions are different.

Yesterday and today were absolutely gorgeous.

I was a little sad yesterday because the warmer weather, the sunshine, that breeze…I needed to be out for a drive. I needed all of the windows and my sunroof open. I needed the radio up loud, and I needed an open, country road. But because my car was dead, I couldn’t have that.

Thankfully, today I was able to get just what I needed.

I happen to live in an area that in the middle (and a lot of the outskirts) of town is VERY city. Too much traffic, too many people, just all too much. But outside of that is very backwoods. Long roads full of nothing but trees that lead to longer back roads of freedom. I love that about where I live; in just a few minutes, I can be on a road that consists of open fields where I am in the only car for miles.

There is a lock and dam about 20 miles from my house. It is down a very long and very scary side road of Highway 87 (my favorite highway because that leads to the beach, hehe). I took the back roads there today. I drove (without care of speed limits) through the winding roads through country and cows and horses, gunning it for the lock and dam.

Once I got to the side road, I slowed down. Mainly because it is a rocky road and my car wasn’t exactly made for that kind of terrain. But also because I love that road.

It is the kind of side road that even in the middle of the day, you have to wonder if an axe murderer will jump from the trees and make you the next headline. But, the non-dramatic side of me didn’t worry and just kept driving.

The Cape Fear River has this smell. It is not always pleasant, but it’s home. And I can smell it before I actually see it. It could also just be a placebo that my brain has put in there because I know where I am going.

Either way, I chose a perfect day to go. I was all by myself there.

I parked my car and sat on the edge of the concrete little driveway dock thing that people back their boats into. It is a great place to catch huge catfish and bass. There was none of that today.

Just me. Just me, the sunshine, and the breeze. With a soundtrack of rushing water and birds singing.

It was beautiful.

I laid back on the concrete and watched the sky. I dipped my fingers in the cold water. I dangled a branch over the edge, because you never know.

It was the kind of moment that makes my soul happy. The kind that renews you, even just for a little while.

I laid on the concrete and watched the water run by. It isn’t clear or even pretty water. But it is soothing to listen to. It is one of my favorite sounds and sights. Just the water, carefree and not bound to any expectations. It does not have hopes and dreams. It does not care if it is loved, or if anyone cares that it is there.

It just exists.

And today, the water, that freedom…the drive and the day itself existed.

And it made me happy.

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