Reaching Peak Fangirl…

It’s hard to type this without the resulting text being something like:

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Here’s why:

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet…do it, because I need to talk about it.

I’ll wait.

Done? Okay, whew.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first.

Fucking. Queen. Fucking. Bohemian Rhapsody.

The editing of this trailer alone is one of the best I have seen. Ever. This is how you get people excited for a movie.

I have probably watched this trailed about 20 times now. I just….guys…


I don’t really want to give a time stamped break down of each scene, but dammit I COULD!

So I will just talk about the whole trailer in general. Also, do not expect any high quality grammar in here, because I have been fangirling so fucking hard over this trailer since it dropped last night, I literally feel sick to my stomach with excitement. I can’t wait. I cant. Okay, anyways…Ahem…

First of all, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. Yes. Fucking. Ma’am. I think David Ayer is going to be so spot on with this casting of characters. Viola knows how to play that no nonsense, bad ass, perfectly. She is gorgeous. She is a hard ass.

Will Smith as Deadshot. This is the Will Smith I love. Yes, he is great in all of his more serious and emotional work, but I love action Will. Also…ALSO…if you look fast enough, you get to see a glimpse of the mask. The TRUE Deadshot mask. Well, closer than I have seen it portrayed in anything else, other than some animated series.

I saw a reaction video earlier from someone saying they wish they would have been able to see more of the backstory behind Deadshot and other characters in the movie, in this trailer.

You will. It’s called the watching the movie. Trailers aren’t a time for backstory and origins, that’s what the movie is for. Get a grip.


Dude, Margot Robbie. I was kind of nervous at first because it sounds like Harley’s signature accent isn’t there in this trailer, the more we hear her speak. But after watching the trailer a few more times, I don’t give a shit. Margot has the crazy down. The charm down. The look down. The smile down. The crazy down. Did I say crazy already?

And from the looks of it, it looks like they will be telling her origin story from the New 52 version of her character. Which I actually like New 52 Harley better than original Harley. Just my opinion. The scene with Joker (get to him in a little while) swan diving into the vat of chemicals, and then the next scene him holding Harley pretty much puts that in concrete. By the way, that is a gorgeous scene anyways…the swan dive.

I am so excited to see her in this. I have a feeling Margot is going to steal the show as Harley. When she says, “Hi, boys!”. Ugh. Love. The small scene where she blows the hair out of her face. Personality there, even with those little scenes.

I could honestly do a 5 million word post on how much I love Harley Quinn, so I will stop here with her.


Scott Eastwood. Personally, I would watch 2 hours of Eastwood peeling paper off crayons and be just fine, so I am so very okay with him being in this movie. Now, as far as his character. This still hasn’t been officially revealed. And I wonder why. In the trailer, it DOES look like he sticks very close to the group. He is seen in more than just a few shots. Sometime last year, a behind the scenes photo taken showed Eastwood in a military uniform with the name tag “S. Wilson,” which made some people believe he will be playing Deathstroke. *swoon* But, it looks like for any trailers or other pictures, there hasn’t been that much other proof. Even Eastwood’s IMDB page doesn’t have a character name listed. This has led to some other nerds speculating he may be playing Dick Grayson, undercover with Task Force X. But no matter who he is playing, I honestly think that he is going to have a huge role in this movie, because why keep his character name a secret if you are already revealing trailers and pretty much every other character. I mean, even Batman. I can’t wait. Again, I can’t.

Putting other characters aside, the craziness in this movie looks fucking fantastic. I’m sure that the movie won’t just be blowing shit up the whole duration, so I am totally prepared for slower (dare I say boring) parts. I don’t give a shit. Every story has a lull in the action. But, I am sure there will be plenty of people that complain about all of the non action scenes.

Here’s what you do: wait for the movie to come out on Blu-ray, DVD, digital…whatever. Then fast forward past everything you find boring. Boom. Problem fucking solved.

Okay, now…

Jared Leto. The Joker. The Clown fucking Prince of Crime.

I love the Joker. In all of comic worlds, Joker is my favorite. I can’t tell you why because I don’t fucking know. But I do.

I loved Jack and I wept over Heath’s perfection. I was never one of those people in the camp of, “no one will ever be able to play the Joker like Heath.” Because the same fucking thing was said about Heath when people tried to compare him to Jack.

Honestly, if you still have doubts of Leto playing the Joker after this trailer? The nicest possible way I can say it is: Just…go the fuck away.

That laugh. That crazy look in his eyes. That style. That…everything. Just…everything, man. Fuck you, David Ayer, for making me so sick with need for this damn movie already.

There is no comparison when it comes to the Jokers. They are all from a different universe and time frame. I love Jared. I love his music, his acting, he is just one of the better actors of the time right now. His ability to get inside a character is beautiful.

I am going to guess that the Joker will not be the “big bad” in Suicide Squad. I am thinking that he will be mainly in flashbacks from Harley’s backstory. I could be wrong. I don’t give a shit, I just want to see Leto as the Joker as much as possible.

That’s the great thing about this trailer. It gives you so many more glimpses into the movie than the first trailer, but you can only guess exactly what the plot will be about. Who are they fighting against exactly? Why is Batman making an appearance? Is it just part of Harley’s backstory, or is it because he is going to once again tell Amanda Waller that she is wrong for putting together the Suicide Squad?

I need this movie now.

I was really excited when the first trailer came out during the summer. That was the darker, grittier first look into the movie. I don’t think they actually meant for that first trailer to come out, but because someone leaked the footage that was shown at ComicCon, they slapped it together better and put it out themselves. That’s fine. I watched both.

This is MY Force Awakens. This is the movie I am excited for, probably more than Batman v. Superman. Actually, way more excited.

Okay, I think I am done fangirling for you guys.

I’m going to watch the trailer again.

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