So then Biden strolls on stage riding a segway…

At least that’s what should have happened during the Democratic Debate on CNN last night.

Unfortunately it was a just a passing dream that never came to fruition…kind of like my owning a white pony so I could make it wear a horn head band and my owning of a private island.

I am no stranger to disappointment.

In my little section of the world, I am pretty much the only person I know that treats debate nights like the Superbowl. Of course, there is my best friend but 1. she lives in Florida so tailgating is pretty hard and 2. I recently got her addicted to The Walking Dead and she is currently in a tailspin of emotions and binge watching. You’re welcome, Goretty.

So like any normal person with a laptop, smart phone, bottle of $3.99 wine from the gas station, and a television set on CNN; I took to Twitter.


That was pretty entertaining.

I had Donald Trump’s page open in one tab (I am a glutton for punishment), the hashtag for the debate open in another, and the feeds I follow in another.

I have to say, I was pretty disappointed in Trump’s feed. Earlier in the day he said (actually promised, but it sounded more like a threat) he would be live tweeting during the debate. It ended up being mostly him retweeting comments from his supporters (cult members?) about how awesome he is and how pretty his hair has looked lately. I might have made that last part up, but it might as well be true. I was just really looking forward to some real ignorant Trump thoughts because it makes me feel like I have a genius level IQ.

I had an even better time with the wonderful ladies of the Not Behind You blog about Webb bitch baby crying his woes of time management and our super high hopes that Biden would ride a segway across the stage in sunglasses.

I missed 10 minutes of the debate last night laughing over how awesome that would have been.

We can all dream right?

Anderson “SIlver Fox of My Life” Cooper ran that debate like the boss he is; looking beautiful and taking exactly zero amounts of shit from anyone.

I mean…

I was disappointed that there was so little time spent on the issue of race relations and that Cooper allowed Clinton to not have to answer the question: Do black lives matter or do all lives matter?

I was also disappointed that there was little (if any, like I said I missed 10 minutes due to daydreaming of VP’s and segways) talk about planned parenthood, seeing as how in the GOP debate Carly Fiorina acted like they performed a live abortion in front of her right before their debate started.

At the end of the night, I came back with mixed emotions.

I was entertained, but more because of Twitter, and besides that’s not what debates are for.

I would have liked to see some of the other candidates get a little more time because I hadn’t heard of two of them before last night. I even had a few misspellings of Chafee’s name. I really am anticipating Twitter’s edit function.

Wine and daydreams make everything better.

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2 thoughts on “So then Biden strolls on stage riding a segway…

  1. notbehindyou says:

    I think they didn’t talk about PP much because they all support it – not on the table to debate really, although I think Hillary gave a brief shout out. Also:”Carly Fiorina acted like they performed a live abortion in front of her right before their debate started.” lol

    And on a serious note, if Carly Fiorina had to sit with a woman during her abortion, she might change her stance on abortion. #iscompassionathing


    Liked by 1 person

    • Yea, I figured that was it but I would have liked to see the lesser known candidates stance on it; mainly because I’m lazy sometimes and don’t want to look it up 😦 I agree with you though about Carly. I think if anyone that was so vehemently against abortion had to sit through the whole process of decision to actual procedure they would change their stance.


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