The Itchy Nose Chronicles…

“Whew, this is the longest I’ve gone without posting since I started this blog,” she says, acting as if she has had her blog up for years.

Anyways, its the truth so….that’s that. I have been working on the total POV switch and rewrite of my novel, plus life gets in the way. And by life I mean that something has caused my allergies to jump to Level Red in the “I hate you and I want to ruin your life” meter. The past few days have been nothing…NOTHING…but itchy eyes and a very, very, itchy nose. I can’t describe how itchy my nose has been, but I will say that there has been more than one time that I contemplated stabbing myself in the nose just to feel something other than itchiness. It isn’t just the tip of my nose. It is the WHOLE DAMNED THING; inside and out. So now I get to sit in a place and weigh the options of my nose itching so bad I am at the point of tears or looking like a non-classy bitch (because I am super classy, hmph) and scratch the inside of my nose with my fingernail. Sigh, first world struggles man.

I was scrolling through Facebook a little while ago and decided to come here and vent. I vented on Facebook as well, but I figured this would be another place to get shit off my chest.

For starters, I live in North Carolina. I was born and raised in the South. We may not be as deep in the south as some other states, but we are southern. Just like other regions and their people, I have always been proud to call myself a Southern girl. I do not cling to the stereotypes of straight up farm land, dumb hicks, and toothless people wandering around in their overalls. Don’t get me wrong; I have seen plenty of farms, dumb hicks, and toothless people wandering around in their overalls. But that is not the daily life down here.


Sometimes when I scroll down my Facebook, I see exactly why people feel we are so far behind down here. I understand that everyone has their own opinions on issues. I also understand that the South is not the only place with close-minded people. They are everywhere. But damn, ya’ll. Damn. Whether it is an issue with #BlackLivesMatter, Caitlyn Jenner, marriage equality, or something else that people feel they are superior above- it is just hard to take these people seriously. The sad part is that I know they are serious. They are so serious with their intolerant opinions and it kills me. So, I am just going to touch on a few points I made on Facebook:

Disclaimer: These are my opinions, you are more than welcome to have your own.

  • Just because someone says, “Black lives matter,” does not mean they are saying no other lives matter.
  • The ruling that made marriage between same sex couples legal did NOT mean that the government or Barack Obama is forcing you to recognize it, nor did it mean that as a Christian it is redefined in the biblical sense. The ruling was for government agencies to recognize that all couples have the right to marry LEGALLY and LEGALLY “enjoy” all of the privileges that hetero-couples have had. This includes, but is not limited to: insurance, hospital visitations, etc…get the fuck over it. And also, why the hell does anyone get to tell anyone else who the hell they are allowed to love and marry. You don’t see statewide Christian uprisings because a 61 year old woman has accepted the proposal of a 20 year old man…so…
  • If Caitlyn fucking Jenner’s speech at the ESPY awards saved just one life…ONE LIFE…from suicide because they felt nothing was going to get better…then that makes her just as courageous and deserving of her award as anyone else.
  • Kim Davis…you dumb bitch. There is a separation of church and state for a reason. Quit and find another job or shut up. No one is telling you that you can’t come to work with a cross hanging from around your neck as huge as Flava Flav’s clock and wearing a blinking head sign that says: I LOVE JESUS!!. They are just saying that the law you swore to uphold now says that whilst wearing your Camp Christian fan club gear, you also have to issue marriage licenses to everyone. EVERYONE.

Okay, glad I got that out. Everyone may now go back to their regularly scheduled blog posts that are a little less angry and hostile.

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