Friday Nights with Merlot

I hope everyone had a great week. I guess it is technically no longer Friday night, but early Saturday morning. To me it is still Friday night, and that is how it shall be.

Last night I had a great writing night. I wrote, and I wrote hard. Finally churned out the rewrite of a chapter I have been working on for a week now. Writer’s block, self doubt, and just general creative laziness go in my way. Last night though, I kicked its ass. Today has been a slower day for writing, but I do hope to get some done tonight after posting this. My hand has been bothering me. I am sure that it is some lame carpel tunnel type stuff, but today it was really bothersome. So i decided to medicate myself this evening with the finest of cheap Merlot and the album Wondaland Presents: The Eephus. I am in love with this album. I love Janelle Monae and Wondaland is the collective of artists led by her.

So, because I have a question for anyone in the universe that is reading this I decided that for the first time. I am going to put the premise of my book into the world. Only one person has seen my first draft and knows the premise of my story. Not because it is some super top secret story, but just because I didn’t feel the need to tell anyone else what the book is about (See my previous post I need a cheerleader.) if they didn’t care I was writing one in the first place.

Let me step outside of this for a brief moment. I know that by me saying the following statement, most people will groan and possibly instantly close this post if you even made it this far, but here I go:

I really loved the Twilight books.

BoomI said it. But, in all realness, I did. I did love the movies too, EXCEPT for Twilight. Twilight was horribly made, even worse than what people think the book was. My main reason for disliking the movie is this:

In my opinion, the book took a lot more time developing the relationship between Edward and Bella. There was of course the attraction, then a weird type of friendship, then the love, then the “OMG I LOVE YOU I’M GOING TO DIE FOR YOU RIGHT NOW!!” stuff. And while the last made a little like

I still didn’t mind it. The movie, however, was a very different story. They went straight from Bella seeing Edward, to her obsessing over him and his whereabouts, straight to the “OMG YOU ARE MY LIFE NOW I AM GOING TO DIE FOR YOU!” stuff and that was stupid to me.

Okay now, I said all of this because when I read the first draft of my book (after I threw a small party for myself) and a semi-beta reader read it, we both determined that it moved way too fast.

Short synopsis of my story:

Zoe is a human Death Dealer who has lived in Purgatory for over four thousand years. After a disagreement with the Elders of Purgatory, she is exiled to Earth for a year before having to deal the death of a client. Unknown to her, this client is her soulmate,

“Every creature only has one, the one they were fated to be with. Sometimes it takes a thousand lives and deaths to meet them, but once you do, you will never meet them again when they are gone.”

Things happen and Travis (the client) ends up pulled back into Purgatory with her, and then more adventure happens.

So there it is. Now, like I said, after reading the first draft I was all

I didn’t feel like there was enough time spent together between Zoe and Travis to justify the rest of arcs in the book. Now with rewrites, inserting scenes, deleting scenes I am already on page 147 (as of last night). The original draft was only 173 pages long and I haven’t even reached some of the most critical parts of the story that takes it into the ending.

So my question to you little interwebs universe, what happens if I get to the end of this second draft and it is too long because I added more scenes between my two main characters?

I hope everyone has a great night. :]

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