How much is too much?

When I wrote the first draft of my book, I went back and read it at the same time my beta was reading it and we both came to the same conclusion; the relationship in the middle and end of the book did not match the beginning. In other words, there was not enough of a foundation to the relationship to warrant the fact that the MC was willing to risk her life to save the other MC.

Because the female MC is very much a stranger to the male MC in the beginning, I felt there needed to be more of “here is how we got to this point” in the beginning. But how much is too much? The parts that I have totally rewritten or added I feel they are essential and they also help move the story along, but there are also some pretty mundane moments that are just everyday things that happen and not mind blowing events

I’m at almost 49K words on this revision, and I still haven’t gotten to the climax yet, and then after that is still more. So I just wonder if any of your writers out there have any advice for me.

How much story is too much story?

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