Wine, the GOP, and procrastination 

So this is my second blog post, yay me!

I have eagerly awaited tonight’s GOP debate and it is finally here. Don’t get me wrong, while I am always very concerned with the political platforms our possible presidential candidates are taking, this excitement is for nothing but sheer entertainment possibilities. I say possibilities because I have a feeling the two firecrackers will try and class it up tonight instead of show their ass like normal, but God I hope they don’t. 

Please by all means, you flip that wig Donald damn Trump. And Chris Christie, please…pleaseplease threaten to slap someone. I got two whole bottles of cheap wine and a bag of $1.99 white cheddar popcorn just waiting for this, please make it worth my while.

In other news, I haven’t edited the second draft of my book in two days. I have been finding everything else to do other than write. My desk has never been cleaner, I played outside with hummingbirds, I have responded in a timely fashion to people commenting on Facebook, and I figured out that I lost one of my two followers on Twitter. Is this normal? Does anyone else experience this time where they just find anything else to do other than write? Are there any suggestions for helping me get back to focus on this?

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