The First One

I used to think that I did not have enough to say to start a blog. I still think that sometimes. It took me a while to even write this post because I have been programmed since a child to believe no one would care. But that is fine, because I care about what I have to say.

For the second time in my life, losing a job has caused me to open my eyes.

The first time opened them to how much I hated the job I was working. Not the work itself (although it is something I would never want to do again) but the company I worked for. I realized when I was fired that I was only still there because it was comfortable-I had been with the company for seven years-and it was an income.

This second time helped me pull out something I have been sitting on for several years. I don’t know why I feel a tad embarrassed when I say this out loud, but I, the Christine Buras, am writing (finishing) a book.

I think it is time to believe in myself and finish something I previously felt I wasn’t talented enough to do.

So anyways, I am not sure who will see and read this. To those of you that do, welcome to this ride with me. I am not going to promise a ride of excitement, but I will promise that I am a great driver and haven’t killed anyone…yet.

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